Friday, March 1, 2013

Soldiers in Lahad Datu, nitwits in KL

Two groups of people are busy today.

First, our soldiers in Lahad Datu who are on the ground and risking their lives in their confrontation with the Sultan Sulu's "army". They are risking their LIVES.

Second, a big bunch of nitwits in KL who do not know shit about what is going on, busy on Facebook and Twitter, condemning our soldiers and their tactics. These nitwits are risking their face getting smacked soon.

Harap maklum.

Monyet King says
1. It is a security operation with high risks. Lives are at stake. The long-term security in the Sulu Sea, Sabah and south Philippines is at stake. Most of you people, including me, haven't really got any specific details of what is going on. You really don't know what tactics the army is using. This is WAR, not a Lee Chong Wei - Lin Dan badminton game where you get a minute-by-minute news coverage. 

2. The media hasn't got the real news either.

3. The Malaysian government can do a better job by giving out timely information. I think most people realise that not all information should or will be given out. There is information that the government can release that will help reduce the anxiety among the public and minimize rumors. Hishamuddin, get your comm strategy right.

4. You should be praying for the safety of our soldiers. They are putting their lives at risk doing their jobs. You got no business condemning them. You are not in their shoes.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Why the news blackout on what's happening in Lahad Datu? Aren't we entitled to know what's happening to our own country at least minus the security aspect? As it is we have to source from news reports from The Philippines and the foreign news agencies.

Anonymous said...

People like Tian Chua should be chucked into the war zone now. Moron

Anonymous said...

Actually it is VAT 69, elit comando of police force not army force. Hishamuddin is minister of internal affair not head of army. Wonder why it is still under KDN. Anyway, deepest condolence to family of the police who lost the life.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what one feels about the situation in Lahad Datu, the public will view the events as a test of the government's capability at handling a situation whereby the country is under threat from invading forces.

rahmat said...

true only arrogant bastard yang push nak update real time..sapa yang pernah attend crisis and distaster tahu la betapa azab nye nak dapatkan maklumat terkini nak update bos2 besar ni