Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is your house too small? Let's complain.

Do you always complain about your house? If you do, you are not alone. It common to hear these grouses among people in the Klang Valley about their homes. 

My house is too small lah. Only 2 rooms.
My house is too close to the school. Always traffic jam.
My porch is not big enough to park 2 cars.
My house faces the playground. Children make a lot of noise.
My house has no compound. Cannot do gardening lor
My house has no proper place to fix the aircon
The water pressure to my bathroom is not strong
The evening sun hits my bedroom. The room gets hot quickly.
The flooring in the patio is loose - it creaks when I walk on it. Leceh betul.
The smoke from my wet kitchen gets into my dry kitchen. Grrrrrr

If you have some of the above complaints, then you have half a molecule of my sympathy. Only half a molecule. Kesiannya engkau, nah pisang sebijik, pergi main jauh jauh.

The next time, you have a complaint about your house, please spare a thought for these people. The Bajau Laut folks in the east coast of Sabah also have a few complaints about their houses. I think I will attend to them first.

Your house is hot? Ours is hot too. With the zinc roof, the temperature in our house is a cool 40 deg C.

Sorry about the flooring on your patio being loose. In our case, only the entire foundation is loose.

Your porch is too small to park two cars? We don't have a porch to worry about.

We don't have a kitchen - so there is no problem of the smoke from the wet kitchen getting into the dry kitchen.

Like you, we too don't have a proper place to fix the air-conditioning. In fact, we don't have a proper place to fix anything since our house itself might disintegrate soon.

Is your house too small ? Our entire families live on boats. Masak, makan, tidur, main - semua atas bot.

We haven't even got grass to play on - so the problem of the playground being too noisy doesn't arise.

Seberat-berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikul

Monyet King says
So people, stop whining. Whatever problem you have with your house, it is tiny compared to what these Bajau Laut communities in the east coast of Sabah have to deal with. 


The Trek for a Cause aims to raise awareness and funds for the education of under-privileged children in Malaysia. It focuses on three groups of underprivileged children, namely :

(a) Children from poor Orang Asli families
(b) Children from poor coastal (Bajau Laut) communities in the east coast of Sabah
(c) Children of refugees


K Ming said...

Thank you for sharing, MK. I am touched.

Anonymous said...

Kena byk bersyukur dan rendah diri dan hati kpd NYA