Monday, January 28, 2013

Help break that vicious cycle

Last nite we had a little gathering at my house to get the Trek for a Cause project going. It was a lovely evening among friends. Those of you who came, thank you very much for the support.

I gave a presentation about the situation of the many poor children in this country, particularly about their lack of access to a decent education. Habsah Marjuni, the chairperson of Muslim Aid Malaysia, then spoke about what they are doing to help these children - particularly the many that do not go to school at all.

One part of her speech was particularly insightful

Habsah said “when you help these kids to get an education, you actually help to break the cycle that cause social ills in the society. If they don't go to school, they've got nothing to do and to survive, they will resort to all kinds of 'activities' e.g. begging and stealing. And when they grow up (they are not cute and innocent anymore), they will resort to more hard crimes like robbery, snatch theft and indulge in prostitution in order to survive. This, in turn, affects all of us. If we start to help them now, we are playing a part (no matter how small) to break this vicious cycle”

This is exactly what the Trek for a Cause project is trying to. Help these children get a decent education. We are all stakeholders.

For more details, go here : How to Contribute

Monyet King says
Thanks to Dr Casey Ngo for remembering and recording this.

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