Friday, December 14, 2012

The difference between the Japanese and the Malaysians

There are several differences between the average Japanese and the average Malaysian.

The average Japanese :

eats a lot of fish
drinks sake
loves karaoke
lives in a tiny house
cracks strange jokes
spends hours on trains daily

but the average Japanese is also

highly respectful of others
highly respectful of elders
extremely concerned about cleanliness
humble (bows a million times a day)
completely devoted to his/her work
completely devoted to his/her organization
very punctual
very disciplined

The last four qualities made Japan what it is now. A country devastated in the aftermath of World War II turned into an economic and technology giant.

We could very well learn a lot from the Japanese – especially the last four attributes. Forget about eating fish, drinking sake and croaking karaoke.


sri tribuana said...

Where's Malaysian trait?

Desmond Jerukan said...

What went wrong with or Look East Policy? Maybe we are interested in the making money part ya?

Monyet King said...

When Tun Dr M asked Malaysians to look east, many of them looked at the Philippines.

semuanya OK kot said...

They recovered from the most brutal and sustained bombing of civilians ever - in WW2 - to host the Olympics in just 19 years. That was truly staggering. They also responded very well to the 2011 tsunami and nuclear disasters. Unfortunately, Bolehland has not understood the lesson concerning nuclear energy, or does not want to.