Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photos from Japan Part 1 : 22 photos

I am in Japan (Tokyo and Nagoya) for a week on business.

Here are some photos.

Recyling bins in Tokyo. Kulit durian nak buang kat mana ye?

Lunch. I was not sure what was served but ate it anyway.

Sumida river (gawa = river) runs through the heart of Tokyo. A once polluted river has been transformed into a pretty one.

Sumidagawa again

Besides taking care of the city streets, drains and infrastructure, the officials at TMG have to constantly look out for Godzilla. As you all know, Godzilla lives underneath Tokyo and comes out every Sundays.

No. I didn't not try it.

The Tokyo Sky Tree seen from the Sumidagawa

Another view of Tokyo skyline form the Sumida river

The very busy Tokyo station

Can someone tell me where I am going ?

What the heck is human dining? I wondered whether they had animal dining too.

I guess this bank must be pretty OK. Nagoya.

Two random sarari-men

Crabozilla preparing to attack Tokyo

Santa usually says Ho Ho Ho. In Japan, he says Hai Hai Hai

Political rally in central Tokyo. 16 Dec is election day.

I did wonder. Would I be happy or hoppy if I drank this beer?

Japanese cookies. Asakusa, Tokyo.

I did look around but could not find the sticks from England.

Mobile kimono-clad billboard

After 4 days of searching, I finally found Ultraman. He was hiding in a toy shop in Shinjuku together with his twin brother. Godzilla was hiding in the next shelf.

Lulu's grandfather's shop


Desmond Jerukan said...

Hehehe...any picha of public bath?

Monyet King said...

I only have pictures of private bath.... hehehehe

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

You had Hoba Miso for lunch

Monyet King said...

Khun Pana
TQ for the explanation.

Lisa said...

Very interesting, each picture. The destinations board, you have to memorise the name of the town or stop you are going to, memorise the symbols.