Friday, April 6, 2012

Datuk Rais, ban these immoral programmes, please

Datuk Rais, I must thank you and your merrymen at your Ministry for trying to stop the immoral Singaporean ballet troop from performing in our country. Although you finally had to give in to the infidels, it was a good try. I dread to imagine the kind of havoc this immoral Singaporean troop, with their tight tutus and kutus, will cause when they perform in KL next week. Please tell your officers, Monyet King says "bravo". [Rais, I know you did not ban the Singaporean performance. Unfortunately due to so many fuck-ups by your Ministry in the past, people simplydo not know who to trust anymore]

Your officers did a fantastic job by banning that immoral Erykah Badu who dared to tattoo arabic letters on her body. Yeah... you got her well and good. Your guys did so well that she had to go and perform in Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world. She will never come back here. Good for us. And she will tell her friends and they will also not come here. Please tell your officers, Monyet King says "bravo".

Datuk Rais, my hero. Will you do me a favour? Can you ban wrestling (gusti) programmes in Malaysia TV? I am very concerned. It is bad influence to our people. It is full of violence and sex (yes, sex). The buggers wear tight fitting clothes that amply display their crotches. They beat up each other. Nowadays they even bring their sexily-dressed girlfriends into the ring. What worries me most is that our youths are the biggest wrestling fans. How can you allow our youths to be corrupted? How can you allow our people to be immoral and watch such programmes that are obviously the work of infidels.

You let our people watch this ? This will eventually lead to sodomy.

How can you allow bare buttocks to be shown? A step closer to sodomy ?

You even allow this to be shown? One fellow sniffing the other fellow's butt. They are going to Hell for sure

Datuk, you must act quickly. Every other wrestler is trying to stick his finger up the other guy's butt

Even the women wrestler are into this finger sticking business. We can't really blame Anwar and Saiful for doing what they did. There is so much wrestling on our tv.

You allow this sort of violence to be shown on our TV. Yet your ministry bans horror movies

You know why we have so many Mat rempits around? Well, our youth use this nincompoop as a role model. And you repeatedly allow this fellow to appear on our TV. He has an IQ of 7.

You even allow our TV stations to show women wrestling. The skimpy clothes, the filthy language, the violence, etc... oh my, I am already getting turned on. Datuk, you need to do something quick.

This is the worst of the lot. How can you allow sumo wrestling on TV.? This guy has both his big boobs exposed. This will surely corrupt our minds.

Your Ministry even allows this to be shown on TV. I don't even know what the two buggers are doing? Imagine the damage they do to the brains of our youths.

Datuk, please do something before wrestling corrupts our youth. After tutus and Erykah Budu, wrestling is the single biggest hazard to our country and our people. Our faiths (akidah) could be challenged. Our culture could be ruined .God forbid, there could be Singaporean wrestlers trying to appear on our TV - with their tight tutus and  kutus.

May I humbly suggest that your Ministry drafts the Dasar Gusti Kebangsaan (National Wrestling Policy) that will guide all of us lead clean sin-free lives :)

Monyet King also says
1. There are so many people out there who are not getting enough oxygen to their brains. If you believe what I have written above, then you are one of them.

2. To those of you who are Pakatan supporters. If you think this is funny and Rais is a nutcase, just wait till PAS comes into power. That's when the real circus will start.



bruno said...

Monyet King,first of all this moron Rais Yatim was born fifty years too late.He has not even seen ballet dancing on TV,lest to say in live audience.Yet he has been in London so many umpteenth times.

Ballet dancers are supposed to dressed like this.Maybe if he was in the audience,and seeing so many sexy girls,and realising no reaction from his "thing".He would be to embarrassed.Therefore the ban.What is he is alone with the maid.That would be a big difference,wouldn't it?

bruno said...

Rais Yatim is a senile senior citizen who should be riding on the lembus or be carried by an ape to his retirement destination.This useless creep is doing all the stupid things for the wrong reasons.

Either he was born defective if not why is he only interested in his maids and not other more beautiful ladies.Stupid asshole to deprived other Malaysians of the chance of seeing these beauties in action.

CK said...

Monyet King, you mad cow. You made me laugh so hard that I think I peed in my pants.

Monyet King said...

Rais' Ministry has screwed up in the past. The Erykah Badu case is a good example. There are other performance which have been stopped or simply never bothered to apply. That's why when you look at our Formula1 Grand Prix, we find that all the big name artistes are performing at the Singapore GP rather than the Sepang one.

We need a consistent policy rather than leaving it to nincompoops. If KL desires to be a world-class city, then Rais' ministry needs to be open-minded enough with regards to performing arts, etc.

Having said that, there is also lot of spinning going around. In this case, I really do not know who is telling the truth and who is spinning. Did the KLPac actually apply for the permit as they claim? Did the Ministry actually receive the applicaiton? Was it really about the costume? Bruno, you see, nobody really knows the answers.

Monyet King said...

Be careful. You could be charged for polluting the streets.

Anonymous said...

One of this guy's duties is to play the strict parent or bad cop to the great leaders's modern guy or bad cop. To understand him better, look into his history - why he was quickly pulled to the cabinet many moons ago from his post as MB of NS.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny. And I have to be anonymous from now on. Oh well..

Anonymous said...

Ban this, ban that might as well ban EVERYTHING la and while we are at it might as well close that "Ministry Of Mis/Disinformation & Uncultured" at least the country can save some money. These small brain Napoleons really believe that nothing "bad" (whatever that mean) ever happened in the past! Aiyoo I just dunno to cry or to laugh.......

Anonymous said...

may i borrow this particular blog? to share at FB? its hilarious! what is next in the Q? wondering. At times, I tot I wud laugh until i run outta breathe...but I can't! SAD for us msians!

Monyet King said...

Anon 8:43 PM
You are welcome to share

Anonymous said...


hani said...

Very funny Your Highness..I especially like the pic of the wrestler with what looks like errr...lube between his teeth..hahaha

I can't get mad anymore when foreigners say some M'sians are stupid...

hani said...

Let me add that if PAS are in power then we're all fu**ed...

Monyet King said...

I have also wondered about that photo... it definitely looks like a tube of lube. Need to check with either Saiful or Anwar

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude.
This post is a Dope!