Friday, April 27, 2012

Bersih3, friends and cekodok pisang

Tomorrow some of my good friends will be participating in the Bersih3 rally. I am sure many others will be there. I won't be. While I strongly advocate free and fair elections, I simply do not agree with the methods and approach of Bersih3. I wish my friends well. I wish all of you who are going to march or sit-in tomorrow, all the best. I know most of you care about our country. I hope you achieve whatever you seek to achieve.

Tomorrow I am going to help out at a charity and try to raise some money for them. Many of you and my friends won't be there. But don't worry - I won't be calling you names (selfish, uncaring, etc). I understand everyone has their priorities and causes that are dear to them. Each to his own. Some of my friends will be helping out at an animal shelter tomorrow. Very noble indeed. Some will be travelling to Gua Musang to help orang aslis with their water supply. Some friends will be working and many will simply be at home, spending time with their families. Everyone has their own interests and purpose in life. I have my interests and causes that are dear to me. They have theirs. I wish everyone well in whatever they are doing tomorrow. I hope everyone achieves whatever they seek to achieve.

At times like this, when our society appears sharply divided and the chasm seemingly unbridgeable, it is important that we remember that we have many things in common. We all have a shared heritage. Whether you support Bersih, Perksa or JMM or otherwise, we all love our country (well, at least all my friends do). We all want good things for our families and children. We want Malaysia and Malaysians to be respected all over the world. We all share so many virtues, cultural practices, language, stories, memories - that makes us Malaysians. We love our roti canais, nasi lemaks, satay and teh tariks. Most importantly, we all were born here and we are Malaysians.

We may have differing views from time to time on many things - that's perfectly fine. After all, as the saying goes, if two people agree on everything, one of them is redundant. It is okay to disgaree. It is okay to have completely opposing views to that of your friends even if, at times, it seems that you are the only one with those views. It is okay to quarrel. But we must alway remember that we are likely to have a thousand times more things in common than things that we differ.

Tomorrow. On the eve of day that seemingly pits Malaysians against one another, I would like to share something we all have in common. The love for cekodok pisang. Everyone loves cekodok pisang [if you don't, then you are really unpatriotic :D ]

Politicians may come and go. Elections may come and go. Rallies may come and go. Only friends, teh tarik and cekodok pisang are forever. So tomorrow if you have the time, please make some cekodok pisang at home.

Cekodok pisang. A truly Malaysian delight - regardless whether you are a BN supporter, a Pakatan supporter or you simply hate politics. Best had with teh tarik and good friends.

Resipi Cekodok Pisang

1 ekor kambing
100 gram tepung gandum
5 biji pisang emas
10 gram gula
5 gram garam

minyak masak
secawan air

Cara membuat :
Lenyekkan pisang bersama dengan gula dan garam (kupas kulit pisang dahulu)
Masukkan tepung gandum dan air sedikit demi sedikit dan gaulkan sekali dengan pisang
Panaskan minyak di dalam kuali
Masukkan sesudu bancuhan tepung & pisang ke dalam minyak yang panas
Goreng sehingga rangup.
Hidang dengan teh tarik. Makan bersama kawan-kawan.

Kulit pisang jangan dibuang. Beri makan kepada kambing.


Anonymous said...

what happen to 1 ekor kambing then?

bruno said...

Monyet King,we have to keep our fingers crossed that tomorrow's Bersih 3.0 sitdown at people's square will end will no ugly incidents.This I am very septical and doubtful,as the ruling regime will be all out to make a real mess of this peaceful sitdowns,by our very law abiding citizens.The men in blue and the hired thugs of the ruling regime will be having a field day,going by the sounds of Hisham and his lappie the DBKL.

By the way how is the recipe for the goreng pisang.You have to keep back some special ingredients to make it not too tasty,or else all the pisangs will be goreng,leaving none for the real monyets.

Monyet King said...

Anon 9:24 PM
Pls read again

Monyet King said...

There are good people on both sides. There are bad people on both sides.

Hani said...

I'll be working tomorrow..I too want free and fair elections..just not sure whether the Bersih demo is the answer but God willing everything goes well and no one gets hurt.

Damn it Monyet you're making me crave cekodok pisang!!

eddy said...

Cekodong Pisang is my favorite too.

Johnnie Lim said...

Bersih 3.0 has to happen as there is no other means or alternative or avenue to resolve the problem.
Even when permission was granted for them to assemble, they are putting all kinds of obstacles to hinder.
We all have our priority, so choose to be at Bersih 3.0 some will do some community works, some can't get off from work, but we all love Malaysia.
May some thing good come out of it.
Cekodok pisang is good, but dont you think it's too oily?

cin2tan said...

semi-value said, " ayam kambing bag ! "

Nora Karim said...

tekejut baca resipi ada seekor kambing!! :p