Friday, March 2, 2012

Lynas in Gebeng, now Mynas in Kuala Selangor ?

This is the map of Selangor, showing the district of Kuala Selangor.

Several mynas were spotted there.

Monyet King says
GOTCHA !!!!!!  :)


CK said...

MK, you are a naughty, naughty boy

bruno said...

Mynas should set up house in the homes of the corrupted Umno/BN politicians.It will bring them all the worst of bad luck for generations to come.Hahaha.

Monyet King said...

Correction. I am a good boy :)

Monyet King said...

Corrupt people are found everywhere. In BN, in PKR, DAP, PAS, everywhere. It is not a monopoly of the BN. Even people who are not affliated to any party are also corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Agree with monyet king, corrupt people are found everywhere.I am 51 yrs old ,live long enough to see and have to deal with corrupt people. In my experience usually people who claim (pretend to be) they are clean are likely to be hantu..... Bro Bruno don't get offended... I don't mean that you are corrupt.... Perhaps Monyet King can tell us are there corruption in monyets kingdom?

bruno said...

Anon march 2,2012 10:49am

No,I do not get offended so easily.I have kena hentam by blog owners more terok and am still commenting on their blogs.I only like to comment on blogs which will post mostly if not all my comments.They are free to tembak balek if they like too.One tough cookie is a lady blogger.

Melayu Lama said...

While some argue that pakatan are less corrupt (got such thing?), it is the act not the magnitude that counts. If we can't trust them with small state coffers, and they're already squabbling over things like advertising billboards and appointment of legal firms for coochey-rat amounts of money, how can we trust them with even bigger coffers?