Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Exactly a year ago

21 March 2011. Exactly one year ago. At the about 11 a.m. Nepal time, the Monyets and Yaks (MY) team reached the Everest Base Camp at 5360m above m.s.l.. 9 days of tough trekking. Sathya, Fong, Briony, Julia, Jang, Jamili, Roslizan, Martin "the Yak" Moguring, Milter, Manai and Monyet King. It was wonderful. We had a great time.

And one year later, the euphoria has still not subsided.

One year from now, March 2013, the MY team will go back there. Siapa nak ikut ?


bruno said...

Not me.I wouldn't last a hundred metres,and has been out of shape the last couple of years.Your team will have to carry me the rest of the way and back.Actually it is my knee joint and not my health,but tak boleh means tak boleh.Have fun in a year's time.Cheers.

Aud A said...


I would if I could save enough by then. what's a rough figure to save for the whole trip?

Monyet King said...

Aud A,
The entire trip + equipment + clothing could come up to about RM 8000