Thursday, March 29, 2012

The circus of hatred now moves to Johor

After performing at Kajang last Sunday courtesy of Dong Zong, the circus now moves to Johor at the invitation of Johor Education Department and the Johor Mufti Department. Read my critique of the Dong Zong circus here.

I am inclined to believe that there is pact amongst the bigots, racists and freaks in this country. They have made an agreement that every week, one of them will light the fire of hatred. This weekend bakar kat Kajang, next weekend bakar kat Johor, after that bakar kat Kedah,…. It goes on and on. Burn, my country, burn. Duty roster - Week 1, Dong Zong. Week 2, Jabatan Mufti Johor, Week 3, Hindraf, Week 4 Perkasa, Week 5 siapa pulak?

The Johor Education Department and the Johor Mufti Department are organizing a seminar with the theme “Pemantapan Aqidah, Bahaya Liberalisme dan Pluralism Serta Ancaman Kristianisasi Terhadap Umat Islam. Apa Peranan Guru?” (Strengthening the Faith, the Dangers of Liberalism and Pluralism and the Threat of Christianity towards Muslims. What is the Role of Teachers?). The seminar will be attended by religious teachers from 55 national schools (note : national schools) across Johor. Read more here and here.   [and we wonder why parents are shunning national schools]

I don’t care if anyone wants to strengthen their faith, everyday, every week, every hour – I don’t give a shit. It is your prerogative, your right, your choice. However creating hatred towards another religion is a serious matter. In this case, whoever is the brains behind this seminar is either obviously evil or plain stupid. Evil because it creates hatred towards another religion. Anyone who thinks Islam in under threat in Malaysia, especially from the Christians, is plain stupid. Bodoh bin Bangang.

I am sick and tired of hearing that Islam is under threat in Malaysia. This is a country where close to 70% of the population are Muslims. This is a country where the religion of the Federation is Islam. This is a country where the King, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the bulk of the Cabinet Ministers and a majority of lawmakers are Muslims. This is a country where substantial amount of taxpayers’ money is used to promote Islam, build mosques and surau, establish sekolah agamas and run dakwah programmes. This is a country where there are daily TV and radio programmes on Islam. This is a country where there are syariah courts and where if you are a muslim, it is almost impossible to opt out. This is a country where there is a full minister in charge of Islamic affairs. This is a country where followers of all other religion ARE PROHIBITED BY LAW to preach to muslims. This is a country where muslim children get 10 times more religious education compared to their non-muslim brethens. If despite all these, Johor Education Department and the Johor Mufti Department moan that their faith is threatened, there is something seriously wrong in their heads. [note : no one, including Hassan Ali and the mufti of Perak, has come up with a single shred of evidence that Christians are prolesytizing Muslims]

I am sure most sensible Muslims in this country understand that this is nothing more than power play – the mullahs trying to establish their control over simple minded folks. Power play about who is holier than shit. Most of my Muslim friends cringe when they hear the likes of Hassan Ali and now the nincompoops in Johor, talks about how Muslims’ faith will be compromised for the slightest of things. Sikit sikit akidah tergugat. Pergi konsert akidah tergugat. Pegang pokok krismas, akidah tergugat. Tengok TV akidah tergugat. Minum coke akidah tergugat. Makan kat McDonald, akidah tergugat.

Hassan Ali and people like him (including the Perak Mufti) are simply insulting other Muslims by claiming that their faiths are so easily threatened. I know for sure, the faith of my muslim friends, is rock solid. They are never swayed. I however don’t know about the faith of Hassan Ali and the muftis in Johor. Macam lalang kot.  [Islam is a glorious religion that has thrived for 2000 years - the last thing it needs is a bunch of imbecilic defenders]

Please read this article that I wrote a few months ago. Proselytization and the feeble mind. If you are strong, no one can threaten your faith.

And also read my article Monyet King speaks of religion and imbeciles.

Monyet King also says

1. Those of you who joined me in critisizing Dong Zong, I hope you also join me in critizing these folks in Johor who are stirring up religious hatred.

2. I am convinced that there are people who simply want to see the country burn.


eddy said...

Yes I agree with you, I am a Muslim and a Malay and certainly my aqidah i.e believe in my religion is strong, period.

Anonymous said...

Well said, MK. We should never allow bigots to rule.

Anonymous said...

Dong Zong, Perkasa, Hindraf, Hassan Ali, the religious gangsters, are all just different avatars of the same evil

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Your Royal Monyetness,
When will all these ever end? Penatlah. Maybe all the animals should revolt and whip all the doofus hoomans. The monyets (the ori ones lah) and the cats must take over the Parliament. The bogus monyets in Parliament now must be kicked out. purrr.....meow!

Monyet King said...

Most Muslims I know are strong in their faith. They may not wear a serban or pretend to be an Arab - but they know their religion well. So these clowns who keep on claiming that Muslims' faith is threatened are perhaps speaking about themselves ?

Monyet King said...

Sokong. Kick out all the bogus monyets in the parliament and replace them with real monyets. And we should ship all the cats out to Timbuktu. he he he

lordapes said...

"Sikit sikit akidah tergugat. Pergi konsert akidah tergugat. Pegang pokok krismas, akidah tergugat. Tengok TV akidah tergugat. Minum coke akidah tergugat. Makan kat McDonald, akidah tergugat."

I agree with you 100% sir! And may I add a little bit more?

The Erykah Badu issue. So what the lady wants to put a tattoo of an arabic writing on her body? Last time I checked, people put precious things/moments/names on their body as tattoos. What with all the rage?

The young-deported-arab-reporter issue. I read his tweet. I do not find it offensive. I bet my left ball that my prophet won't find it offensive. Even if he did, God has spoke in the Quran to shrug all the insults of which do not hurt you. Seriously. And yet we find muslims who are adamant in murdering that reporter guy.

All this ceramahs and seminars are idiotic, really. They target audiences who are supposedly ALREADY a practicing muslim. The real target audiences (ie: the club goers, the party poopers, the punks/skinheads, the rempits, the bohsias... etc) will NEVER in their lifetime go and listen to these seminars. In effect, in addition to neglecting the real target audience, they instill fear, suspicion and paranoia within the normal practicing muslim population.
Sometimes, people get crazy over their life issues. The rempits/bohsias might not want to live such life, but have no choice under their circumstances. Maybe they come from a broken family. Maybe their father/guardian raped them when they were a child. Where are these religious authorities then? Giving ceramahs? Seminars?
I believe the root of any problem comes from the home. Instead of instilling fear and suspicion towards other religion, I believe the religious authorities should check the soundness of the family institution first.
For example, NO drug addicts should be allowed to get married in the first place anyways. By allowing them to marry before total rehab allows for an unsound family institution. But we read about druggies getting married all the time. What are the religious authorities doing?
I have heard an argument that sound, "Asalkan kahwin cara Islam, nanti berubah la tu..."
ps: sorry for the long rant.

oceangirl said...

McDonald? :)

Monyet King said...

I think you have made similar comment previously, which I of course agree.

The problem, as I have already written a number of times previously, runs across all religions. Mullahs, monks, priests, witch doctors, etc will not hesitate to use God's name to pursue their own interests. With their strange clothes and kinky headgears, they appear holier-than-thou and use it to their advantage.

Monyet King said...

Burger King also ;)

Anonymous said...

Is this hate campaign new? Where did I hear "These Christians and Jews will not rest until they convert us"? Ah yes, over the loudspeaker, for all and sundry to hear. Apparently, it is OK to sell palm oil to "Jews" in violation of our laws.

oceangirl said...

..too funny.