Monday, March 19, 2012

17 photos from Nepal

I am back. Spent the week in Nepal, trekking in the Annapurna area with my family. We did the Nayapul - Ghorepani - Ghandruk trek, which is a relatively easy 4-day teahouse trek - reaching a maximum altitude of only 3200m. We chose this easy trek because we had our two boys with us and wanted to expose them to trekking in Nepal. Unlike the EBC trek which we did last year (you can read about that here), here there is no issue with AMS (although we saw incapacitated trekkers being brought down the mountain using ponies). We thoroughly enjoyed the trekking.

Here are some random photos, taken by Sathya and Vishnu.

1. The imposing Machapuchere, better known as the Fish-tail Mountain. 6993m (note : it is 3 km higher than Kinabalu, yet is considered a shortie in the Annapurna range). This is the most prominent peak along the trek and at Pokhara.

2. Local children along the trek. Most of them seems at ease running up and down the mountain, despite the cold weather.

3. A scene from the Ghorepani - Tarapani stretch. We trekked alongside the river for a considerable distance. Lovely crystal clear river and many waterfalls.

4. Horses and donkeys are the beasts of burden in these areas. The elevation is too low for the yaks.

5. Local women doing their laundry by the river. The water is freezing cold.

6. Another scene from the trek - along the Tarapani - Ghandruk section. Really, really lovely landscape.

7. It snowed on the 3rd day while we were at Tarapani. The entire village was coated white within an hour. It was beautiful and cooooollllllllllld.

8. We trekked through the snow from Tarapani to Ghandruk. Nice.

9. Bumped into this Malaysian family who were also trekking at the same time.

10. Little stone monuments like these are common throughout the treks in Nepal. Note the spectacular mountain scenery in the background.

11. One of the many hanging bridges along the trek. Although not as high or long as those on the EBC trek, they were nevertheless interesting.


12. Mountain scenery along the trek from Ghorepani to Tarapani. Simply gorgeous.

13. Dhall batt - the national dish of Nepal. Full of carbo - good for trekking

14. Typical scenery along the trek. Snow-capped mountains, little mountainside hamlets, horses and ponies and rhododendron blooms

15. A Nepali sheep. Doesn't speak very much except to say, baaaaaaaa

16. Two little girls along the Ghandruk - Nayapul stretch.

17. A local boy drinking from the standpipe near the Nayapul village. There were many of these standpipes installed at the villages along the trek.

On the whole, it was a great trip. Sathya and Vishnu took over 2000 photos. I don't think I can share all of them with you. Nepal is a wonderful country. Can't wait to go back there again.

You can read about my previous trip to the Everest Base Camp here.


bruno said...

Monyet King,it is good to take the family on a vacation once in a while.But you forgot to post some pictures of your banana plantation with your monkeys.Hahaha.

p/s Pertanian has some special banana seedlings that can grow in the cold too,but monkeys i am not sure.

oceangirl said...

Oh King, I didn't even realise you were gone.

The pictures are spectacular. The snow picture looks like it was black and white and the dhalli batt looks homey and warm. I love all the 17 pictures, they are spectacular, thank you for sharing them. And to bump into a fellow Malaysian family, how awesome is that. I would love to visit, but wait till I get on a thread mill or something first.

lordapes said...

wow. great pics. must be a great trip. :D

LION GIRL said...

Beautiful pictures; lovely place n pretty faces! Love d scenic mountains! Tks for sharing! I definitely see lots of fun!

Monyet King said...

There is the green banana in Nepal. I had some very nice banana lassi in Katmandu

Monyet King said...

Ocean Girl,
Thanks. It was really very nice. Don't you think the Malaysian family looks kind of familiar ?

Monyet King said...

Nepal is always very nice. Can't wait to go back there again.

Monyet King said...

Nepal is the place that you should go once you finish your round-Malaysia trip. Call me for details.

oceangirl said...

Yeah I should've known. It did cross my mind but soon forgot about it. Awesome family.

PahNur said...

I don't mind dying here. At least I know I died in heaven on earth...

Monyet King said...


Monyet King said...

Pah Nur
It all depends which part of Nepal you die in. If you die in the backstreets of Katmandu, it would be like dying in hell. If you die high up in the mountains, your body will not decompose and you will lie there for many years (as what has happened to many climbers at the summit of Everest. Their bodies are still there). Careful what you wish for.

Audrey said...

These are lovely pictures for us who have yet to step foot there. Thanks for sharing DB.

semuanya OK kot said...

The advantage of a 2nd. or subsequent visit to the same destination is that you get past the visual overload and stress, and get to appreciate other simple things such as people and indegenous ways of resolving needs.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I m sure the place is fabulous. Thx for sharing.