Monday, February 20, 2012

CSL – LGE debate : The next topic

I understand both Chua Soi Lek and Lim Guan Eng have agreed to a second debate. They even have agreed to debate in English or Malay (wow…we are making progress here). According to various news reports, the topic has yet to be determined.

I would like to make some suggestions.

Before that, let’s get these facts out first. MCA says, although it is a Chinese based party, it is concerned about all Malaysians. DAP claims to be a multi-ethnic party – it cares for all Malaysians, it says.

Since DAP and MCA both claim to be concerned not only about the Chinese community but about Malaysians, therefore the topic of the debate need not be centered around the Chinese community or Chinese schools (as was the debate on Saturday).

Both CSL and LGE have to convince all Malaysians that they are truly "national" leaders and not only concerned about their own community.

Topic 1
 The future of Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia and the Penans in Sarawak

Why? The OA and Penans are the most marginalised communities in the country. Despite being the first inhabitants on this land, the OA and Penans are being treated like 5th class citizens. Their land rights have been trampled upon and their quality of life is poor. On the average, their lifespan is 15 years shorter than the average Malaysian. Their pleas have gone unheard. None of the big political parties are bothered about them.

I have never heard CSL or LGE speak a word about the fate of OA or Penans in this country. (Note : There are OA in BN states Johor, Pahang, Perak and in Pakatan states Selangor and Kelantan). I need to be convinced that these two (CSL and LGE) are really "national" leaders and not concerned about their own community only.

Topic 2
Right-sizing our civil service

Much has been said about the size of our civil service. The DAP, led by Tony Pua, has on many occasions said the civil service is too big (albeit with occasional retractions). BN always say that the civil service is already stretched to its limits to cater for the growing population. CUEPACS gets up in arms everytime someone mentions about the size of the civil service.

With doubt, the quality of our civil service has a major bearing on our lives and the development of the country. I would like to hear how CSL and LGE perceive the civil service, how they intend to improve it, whether they intend to reduce its size and how they plan to improve the ethnic composition. I would also like to hear what they plan to do with the Local Councils, which I think are the weakest links in the government service.

Topic 3
How do we provide decent and affordable healthcare to all Malaysians?

Why? The cost of good health care is increasing fast. Government hospitals have in recent years improved their services but are not able to cope with demand. Emergency services is poor. There is long waiting period for surgeries – with patients dying while waiting for their turn to be treated. The cost of seeking medical care in private hospital is beyond the reach of a vast majority of Malaysians. The cost WILL CONTINUE RISING.

The government is toying with the 1Care scheme which has received a lot of flak from DAP and PKR. The Ministry of Health also messed up by not communicating their ideas well. Besides critisizing the current and proposed schemes, no one has been able to propose anything sensible that will enable all Malaysians to obtain decent and affordable healthcare.

I would like to hear how CSL and LGE propose to provide good and affordable healthcare to all Malaysians.

Would CSL and LGE have the courage to debate the above three topics, especially topics 1 and 2? Or will they stick to the well-trodden path of demonizing UMNO and PAS and whether state governments give land to Chinese schools?

My comments on the first debate here.

Monyet King also says
1. For your second debate, please make sure you get a good moderator and open the floor to all Malaysians. And for goodness sake, debate in Malay or English.

2. In case, CSL and LGE are not confident of debating the three topics, I also have a reserve topic. "Mana lagi sedap, pisang emas atau pisang rastali?"


lordapes said...

I will vote for whoever says pisang emas is better. LOL

FYI, non of my friends and/or collegues knew the debate was on. Those who knew, thought it was a chinese thingy.

As for me, I would like to know their stand on "Bangsa Malaysia" and how they plan to achieve unity in diversity.

Anonymous said...

Alibaba's twins are competing with each other : protecting their agama, malay bangsa & royalty !!

bruno said...

Monyet King,simple commonsense tells us that MCA is going to get decimated at this coming GE.This coming debate should be about the survival of the MCA,and why the Chinese community have deemed it as an irrelevant political party,good only at running and lapdogging.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Adoi...jadi kucing lagi baik. Tak faham debate, tidur sajalah. Anyway, I'll stay awake if the topic is "The merits of tuna versus salmon." Pisang-pisang ni tak mainlah. Anyway, pisang awak (siapalah kasi nama ni???) paling sedap. purrr...meow!

bruno said...

Now,Mic youth is challenging Pkr's Surendan to a debate.Before nobody wants to debate.Now every Tom,Dick and Julie has caught the debate bug and wants to debate.2012 should be known as the year of debates.

Anonymous said...

I will attend any debate if that Chua so very Soi shows his video at the debate(You know which one I mean).I like a stockinged lady anyday.

semuanya OK kot said...

Core issues:
- Safety - crime, lawlessness, state terrorism.
- Safety at the work, in food; neglect of preventive health measures.
- Equal opportunity for work, suppressing wages using migrants, exploiting non-unionised workers including migrants, unequal wages.
- Destruction of business and industry - loss of opportunity (finance, licence), outflow (talent, capital).
- Equal opportunity in education - good education only for the elite.
- Environmental destruction under greedy, provincial idiots.
- Food security.
- Divide and rule - institutionalised bigotry and servility, fomenting of hate and of a sense of entitlement.
- Rising costs, privatisation (capitaism) gone wild.
- Wastage and misappropriation of public wealth, benign neglect of forex controls.

"Learn from the mistakes of others; you can never live long enough to make them all yourself." - John Luther