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Malaysia establishes diplomatic ties with Coruscant

Malaysia establishes diplomatic ties with Coruscant
Latthalilat Thamplom, Monyet News Network, 18 January 2012

Putrajaya, 18 January. The good news keeps coming in. Malaysia now has formal diplomatic ties with Coruscant. However the best news may be the fact Chancellor Palpatine, the supreme ruler of Coruscant is a nice guy after all.

According to Tan Sri Dr Chris Farid Merican, the Rector of Aeronautics and Space Agency Malaysia (ASAM), the meeting between the POMJOM1 crew and Chancellor Palpatine was very cordial. Despite never having met any Malaysians or proboscis monkeys before, Palpatine was very graceful and accommodating.

Dr Merican informed MNN “according to the notes transmitted by Bobo, Chancellor Palpatine seemed friendly but somewhat shy. There was a visible blue electromagnetic field around him and he had a strange accent. The Chancellor apparently kept talking about a dark side which our crew assumed was the part of Coruscant which had no electricity or lights. He insisted our crew go over to the dark side but Bobo politely declined, saying that they will go to the dark side on their return journey home. The crew was also surprised to learn that Palpatine has a twin brother in Sarawak”.

Chancellor Palpatine, the Supreme Ruler of Coruscant. He, apparently, has a twin brother in Sarawak

MNN has learnt that Palpatine has agreed to the establishment of diplomatic ties with Malaysia. Dr John Ramasamy and Capt. Saiful Bukhari, both senior members of the crew, have been asked to stay back on Coruscant to help establish the Malaysian embassy and identify opportunities for trade. The Malaysian government is particularly keen to export palm oil to Coruscant. It is however not known if Coruscant intends to establish an embassy in Malaysia.

According to the diary of Capt Bobo, which was made available to MNN by ASAM, Coruscant was described as an “interesting” planet with an atmosphere strangely similar to that of Earth. It has a population of 100 million, a large proportion of whom are Indians and Bangladeshis. Bobo and the rest of the crew visited several places of interest including the Jedi Temple and the Galactic Senate Building.

According to Dr Merican, the crew will depart Coruscant later today. “They have managed to obtain fresh supplies and spare parts although they could not purchase any santan. The departure should be relatively straightforward because Coruscant has only a weak gravitational field. However, once past the upper atmosphere, the Bahtera Suria will have to negotiate the Rosmi14 asteroid belt before setting course towards the Sun”.

The journey to the Sun is expected to take another 14 months.

POMJOM1 is Malaysia's (and the world's first) expedition to the Sun. It is an initiative by Aeronautics and Space Malaysia (ASAM). The commander of the mission is Bobo, the proboscis monkey.

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Hmmmm...the cats protest. We think the detour was unnecessary. So what if you run out santan? Just substitute with milk or yogurt. As for the spafe parts, shouldn't you have taken that into consideration before taking off? Bawaklah siap-siap, simpan dalam stor. disorganisedlah. purrr.....meow!