Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ABU : Anas Zubedy & Haris Ibrahim

Those of you who have been following this ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO) thingy, Anas Zubedy posted an article yesterday stating why he does not agree with ABU. Haris Ibrahim today posted an article why he disagrees with Anas.

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Why I disagree with ABU – by Anas Zubedy

With all due respect to those who are promoting ABU (Anything But UMNO/ Asalkan Bukan UMNO) especially Haris Ibrahim, someone who I have high regard of; a genuine change agent – I do not see ABU’s approach as the right way to go. I would like to offer an alternative point of view.

Let me explain.

When we try to use an all-or-nothing approach, we are essentially giving license to the other side to slack. An effort like ABU takes the assumption that everyone in UMNO is bad and everyone in the opposition is good; but what if the UMNO candidate fighting for the same seat is a better candidate, who should we vote?

\An all-or-nothing, blanket approval or dismissal for any party is like giving a blank cheque to the candidates and the party. I see it as an irresponsible, unthinking way to choose our MPs and ADUNS.

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Why I disagree with Anas Zubedy by Haris Ibrahim

In a letter to Malaysia Today, Anas Zubedy, who I have never met but heard much of through mutual friends, proffers the view that the approach of the Asalkan Bukan UMNO initiative is, to borrow his words, not the ‘right way to go’.

I do not share Anas’s viewpoint, not because I am directly involved in the ABU initiative, but because, with the greatest of respect, his rationale for his take is not only fundamentally flawed but, often, bordering on the ridiculously hilarious.

The ABU initiative looks to displace UMNO / BN from Putrajaya through the 13th General Election, by ensuring that the people wisen up to the wholesale looting of the national wealth that has taken place throughout UMNO / BN’s rule, particularly beginning since the days of Dr M up to the present and, to not allow them the requisite number of MPs in parliament so as to form the next federal government.

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Monyet King says
I am with Anas on this one. Anas’ approach is more sustainable. I want to see great candidates from both sides. ABU will lead to a monopoly on the other side – and create exactly the same conditions that allowed for rampant abuses in the past.

If we are serious about having a robust two-party system, we must insist on both sides only field their best. Therefore voting the best candidate regardless of their party is my way forward.
[p.s. While I am perfectly aware of the abuses by UMNO, I also know that Pakatan folks are no angels either]

Feel free to disagree

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Monyet King also says
How about another campaign ABAM – Anything But A Monyet ?


johnnie lim said...

One MP at a time might that us another 50 years or so. I don't have that much time left. Are you prepared to wait another 50 years, by then we might not have a country left.

Monyet King said...

My philosophy is very simple. I will vote for the best candidate regardless which party he or she is from.

Read my earlier posting

CK said...

MK, I support you although it will take a long time. Meritocracy must apply to politicians as well.

Monyet King said...

The political sphere is full of hypocrites. It is always the case where if someone from my party screws up, it is ok. But if the other side screws up, it is a major sin.

Irwan Faizal said...

We may not have ABAM, we do have ABIM (no malice were intended toward real ABIM..) which stands for Asalkan Bukan Ini Monkey!! hehehe