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After Fernandes buys QPR, another local entrepreneur eyes Man Utd

After Fernandes buys QPR, another local entrepreneur eyes Man Utd
Kuldip Gangaram, Monyet News Network, 19 August 2011

Georgetown, 19 August. It seems that Malaysian businessmen are on a buying spree of English football teams this month. Barely hours after aviation tycoon Tan Sri Tony Fernandes concluded the purchase of Queen’s Park Rangers, another Malaysian businessman, Kuthubudeen Maidin Ali announced his interest in acquiring the EPL giant, Manchester United.

Kuthubudeen, who owns the Kuthubudeen Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang told reporters today that he has been eyeing Man Utd for a long time. “I have been an MU fan for a long time, since 1986. I have supported them during theirs ups and downs and I know every one of their players and managers. I even received a Christmas card from Eric Cantona 10 years ago. But I always thought that they can do better and be the greatest team ever. And I intend to help by acquiring the team

When asked how he plans to acquire the team, Kuthubudeen said “I have saved up some money – RM 2140 to be exact and I have a little bit more in my coin box. I also plan to sell my Nokia phone. So in total I have about RM 3825 to invest. I don’t know how much that Fernandes fella paid for QPR but I think what I have should be enough to clinch MU”.

Kuthubudeen also added “I have big plans for MU. The first thing I want to do is to change the crest. That devil picture is no good –it will bring bad luck. Even our JAIS guys said that devil picture is haram. So I have designed a new crest which will be more positive and show the synergy with my restaurant business”.
Kuthubudeen plans to feature the popular Malaysian dish, Roti Canai, on Man Utd's crest

MNN has learnt that Kuthubudeen also has intends to appoint the Malaysian football team coach, Datuk Rajagopal, as the manager of MU after the acquisition. “I don’t like Alex Ferguson… he is a cocky old cow. I am sure Rajagopal can do a better job”, Kuthubudeen explained.

Harimau Malaya's loss, Man Utd's gain ?

When pressed for details, Kuthubudeen admitted that he has not actually spoken to anyone at Man Utd about his ambitions.

Meanwhile, Man Utd manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, when asked by MNN’s UK correspondent, said “I have never heard of this freakin’ Kuthubudeen. Whoever thinks that we are for sale, can take their money and shove it”.

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Kuthubudeen has reported that the roti canai business at his Georgetown restaurant has soared after the public heard of his plans to acquire Man Utd. The soft-spoken low-profile businessman now says that he intends to rebrand his restaurant as Old Trafford Curry House.

Business has boomed for Kuthubudeen ever since he announced his plans to acquire Man Utd

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Cat-from-Sydney said...

Heard that MU might float its shares in Asia too. Kuthubuddeen should start main kutu with his friends to collect more money so can buy substantial amount of shares. Nothing is impossible. Minority shareholders also have rights. purrr *giggles*

Monyet King said...

If Kuthubudeen organizes kutu, it will known as Kutu Kuthu

Anonymous said...

If Kuthubudeen ruins MU after buying it, I am gonna support him

Richman said...

Aiya in Malaysia anything can buy one. Can buy mas, perak, putumayam, air kachang asia, polis hitam, makanan tinggi, chicken rais, ali panggang....., the choice is endless !

Just think lah, anything you want you can buy if you have other people's money. I can even buy MK a big ring for your erect finger, just say it and you will have it.

AaaahhHH I like to buy everyone in power. Sh#$*!?? I don't even like them.

Anonymous said...

roti canai and rajagobal same price only in malaysia. Kuthubuddeen when you buy MU, you can ruin it by giving it to rajagobal..