Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The 4 religiously irresponsible people I know


I want to share my story about four very religious people whom I know.

The first is a Hindu (let’s call him Mr A) and a close friend. He and his wife go to the temple everyday without fail. After he comes back from work, he washes up and then by 7 pm, he and his wife will be off to the temple. They pray, listen to sermons and discuss religious stuff with others at the temple. They usually come back home about 10 pm. Their house has a large altar for praying. Although he does not earn much, he saved enough for him and his wife to go to India to visit the many temples there. I THINK HE IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

The second is a Muslim (Mr B) who lives along my street. He and his wife are very nice. They are staunch PAS supporters. Always with his kopiah on. He doesn’t miss a prayer and spends quite a bit of time at the local mosque. During weekends, he spends most of his time at the mosque, either listening to sermon or doing other religious stuff. I THINK HE IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

The third is also a Muslim engineer (Mr C) who used to work with me many years ago in a consulting firm. A very religious man who actively preaches about Islam. He always has a bagful of pamphlets and books that he gives out to whoever wants to read them. He would talk to whoever he could find in the office about the virtues of religion. I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT HE WAS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

The fourth is a Christian (Mr D), a regular churchgoer in PJ. A very religious man who is very passionate about his church and its congregation. Every Sunday morning he would be the first one at the church and often the last to leave. He is the type who would give his life to defend his church – a modern day crusader. He and his wife spend a lot of their time preaching – sometimes they also bring along their two young children when they go on their rounds. I THINK HE IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE.

WHY DO I SAY THEY ARE IRRESPONSIBLE ? Simply because all four of them, in their pursuit of religion, neglected their basic responsibilities – either as parents, neighbours, employees and friends.

Mr A hardly spends time with his children. Because he goes to temple almost immediately after coming back from work, he and wife almost never check on their children’s schoolwork.  Because they are so busy with their temple thingy, they hardly help their children with their school homework. The children roam around in the neighbourhood after school, hang out with bad hats and generally are not doing well in school. Instead of saving money for the children education or health or insurance, Mr A has chosen to spend his savings on visiting temples in India. If I had a choice, I will send him to hell.

Mr B also neglects his children. His daughter dropped out of school and hangs out with multiple boyfriends. Since both Mr B and his wife spend so much time at the mosque, nobody really watches over their children. Their two sons (aged 7 and 9) loiter around the neighbourhood, having out with older boys and I have seen the elder boy smoking. When I told the parents about the smoking incident, they said they will look into it – which I don’t think they did because I have seen the boy smoke again. I also know that all their children don’t do well at school but the parents are too busy with their godly activities. If I had a choice, I will send him to hell.

Mr C is a bad employee. He preaches religion during office hours. He will ponteng work just to go meet his fellow religious friends. He does not do his office work properly and very often has to be reprimanded by the boss. He uses office facilities to print, photocopy, bind and distribute his religious booklet and brochures. He openly says that doing his religious work is more important than doing his office work (despite receiving his salary from the company). He lies to the boss, cheat on office time and blatantly abuses office facilities. If I had a choice, I will send him to hell.

Mr D is a lousy neighbor. He and his wife almost never speak to any of the neighbours, they never attend any of the neighbourhood functions and never participate in the gotong royongs. They never invite people to their houses nor do they visit others. Even their children will not speak or acknowledge you. Once there was a motor accident near their house – all the other neighbours came out to help but Mr D and the family simply shut their doors and windows and never came out. If I had a choice, I will send him to hell.

My point is this. There is NO POINT in your pursuit of religion if you neglect your basic responsibilities. If you cannot be a responsible parent, employee or neighbour, I SAY SCREW YOU. I am sure God will agree with me.

Monyet King says
So many people neglect their basic responsibilities in their pursuit of religion. IT IS FREAKIN’ SCARY.


Ummie said...

Now I get to the point.
Charity starts from home.

For the monkeys is it up or under the tree first?

Cat-in-Sydney said...

That's four too many, mate. purrr....meow!

lordapes said...

This. I like.

pinsysu said...

lol! me think God will applaud ur choices. ABCD only see the dead tall tree trunk & missing the entire forest!

Monyet King said...

1. Ummie
For themonyets, it is always up the tree

2. Cat
I have a few more examples... but will keep it for another post

3. lordapes

4. pinsysu
sokong 100%

aiXat.MR said...

There are two kid of relationships.

1) HabluminAllah - Relationship with God.
2)HabluminaNas - Relationship among human.

As ordinary human, and a believer. I believe that we must maintain both relationship in an equilibrium (even at times I think I'm suck at both of it. =P).

Some people said God as the Creator deserve more (or deserve most)attention.

Some people said that God full of love and forgiveness (unlike human's anger/hate/revenge). That human needs more attention/love.

It's a matter of opinion.

aiXat.MR said...

*oh, you may change the "human" to "monkey" if you want to.


ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

how come no buddhist?

1 world, mah...

put jew too!

STEEST said...

Sadly this is a defection that could be understood by many. I was nodding my head in agreement. :-)