Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My candidate for P94 : Hulu Selangor

The by-election for P94 : Hulu Selangor is on 25 April 2010. The candidate of my choice is Deep Thought Mack. He is suave, very intelligent and mesra-rakyat.


Photo by Sathya

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Pisang percuma untuk semua (free banana for everyone)

Just look at his face. He is very very intelligent.


CK said...

100% mack wil get my vote

Anonymous said...

wow..look at Mack's sexy eyes! Mack will get my vote too. Mack seem to be thinking very hard.

Looks like you don't really favour my hero la (Mr. Ball Scratcher)- sob, sob, sob!

Pat said...

Awwwww... I've always had a weak spot for the silent, thoughtful type. Just look at his dreamy eyes: seeing far into the future and planning his days at the new constituency, I'll bet.

He gets my vote!

Monyet King said...

1. CK, Anon and Pat
Thanks for having faith in DT Mack. I am sure he will be a good YB.

Anon, Mr Ball Scratcher has been disqualified.

PahNur said...

Wow...finally, we get a candidate out of their Avatar form.....D.T Mack must be candidate from United Monyet National Organization, UmNO...small m emphasized, and is significant so as to NOT mistaken this organization for UMNO...different organization but sama tapi tak serupa....

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Two votes from us!!! har har har *evil laughs*

Brad & Angelina

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

aku sokong sebab both macam haprak je sebenarnya... malang sungguh jadi rakyat malaya, kan?

wa harap masa perjumpaan kita nanti ada pisang percuma!

Monyet King said...

1. Pah Nur
Correction. DT Mack is from PMM (Parti Monyet Malaysia). He was offerred positions in other parties but he decided to stay loyal to PMM.

2. Cat-in-Sydney
Thanks. You can be assured of good service from Mack.

3. Ibnu Marzuki
Rakyat malaya ? Kita kan rakyat Malaysia. Malaya itu 50 tahun dulu.

OK. pisang percuma pada 17hb.

dylan said...

Is Dato' Deep Malaysian first or Monyet first?

Anonymous said...

Finally a candidate that I can relate to. Btw, will the party be nominating a candidate in my constituency for the next GE?

fga said...

sure landslide victory!!

(some more, that sexy-look will be a hit with the ladies!!)