Saturday, January 9, 2010

Long Live Pokok Kelapa Sawit

What is the most supreme in our parliamentary democracy? So important that the Prime Minster has to kow-tow to it ?

The Federal Constitution?
The King ?
The National Flag ?
The National anthem - Negara ku ?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

It is the Yang Teramat Berkuasa Pokok Kelapa Sawit.
The Almighty Oil Palm Tree.

It is so important that the folks at Bank Negara have deemed it appropriate that the Malaysian new RM 50 note has a picture of Tunku Abdul Rahman (our first prime minister) saluting a palm oil tree.

To all you NGOs who are going loggerheads (pardon the pun) with the palm oil industry regarding to the clearing of our forests, now you know why it is going to be one tough battle.

This piece is dedicated to all my friends in WWF Malaysia, especially those in Sabah. The next time you pass an oil palm tree, please bow. It will be better if you can, once in a while, get down on your knees as well.

Thanks to Dylan for pointing this out to me.

Planet of the Monyets also says
Darrel, perhaps RSPO should frame the picture and hang it on its walls. Or is this a big marketting programme.


HL said...

What are those molecules between Tunku Abdul Rahman and the oil palm tree?

Planet of the Monyets said...

Those are probably molecules of a triglyceride i.e glycerol esterified by 3 different faty acids, namely Palmitic, Oleic and alpah-Linoleic. In short, palm oil molecules.

Ocean Girl said...

I think you forgot to stamp your SAMPLE sign on it.

I wonder why do we mess with our money so much, why can't we just leave it alone. Now I can't even tell my fives from my fifties.

Ocean Girl said...

Or is it my ones with my fifties.

the fish said...

The day the new RM50 note was released, I texted my boss as follows: "Now the oilpalmisation of Malaysia is complete"