Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspiration to start the blog

I had always wanted to start my own blog. Never found the time or the inspiration. Yesterday I had the inspiration. Yesterday (3 March 2009) I was inspired by the Perak State Assembly convening under a tree in Ipoh. Chaired by the Speaker in his full regalia. It doesn't get kinkier than that. I have decided that I am going to make time for this blog.

I am an environmental professional (at least, I think I am). Like politics, the environment is also prone to partisan views, conflicts and interests. The government, NGOs, business, politicians, public, kids, grandmas, etc.... everyone has something to say or defend. Debates often get kinkier than the Perak legislature.

My views on environmental matters in the past have often attracted controversy. I am a firm believer of the saying

"The reasonable man conforms to the world. The unreasonable man expects the world to conform to him. All progress therefore depends on the unreasonable man".

This is not to say that I am unreasonable. Suffice to say that conforming is not exactly my forte.

Can't wait to get cracking.


Lightsaber said...
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Lightsaber said...

Hey, hey congratulations on your new blog.

Looking forward to your sharing your controversial views...


christian schriver said...

Congrats on your blog. I enjoy reading it and appreciate your style and candor very much, and your sense of humor of course.
Thanks for this

christian said...

ps. enjoyed your list of monyet links. He he.

Rick@NatureEscapes said...

Always good to hear another voice on the environment. Especially if it is laced with wit and humour. I look forward to both your rants and reasons ... and of course the anticipated monkey climax of 2020.

Keep playing in the trees.

Gopinath said...

Dear Dr.Bala,
First of all, let me congratulate you on your blog. I admire the fact that you have the time and energy to put your thoughts down to paper(screen?). As you are aware, there are a thousand things out there that we see need fixing, but frustration is the great enemy of initiative, and things often die in our minds even before they pass our lips, let alone allow us to share it with others. Specifically in relation to dams, having seen the argument on both sides of the table, I can see that there is a need for them to meet our energy and water needs. However, what is frustrating is that building dam has been a standard knee jerk response to such resource needs. This is because current planning focus is on supply management and nothing to do with improving the way we use these resources. There is a whole bunch of technology out there that would enable us to reduce energy and water use, but there is no effort to promote their use. Reducing demand would reduce the pressure to build dams. Maybe we should start by emphasising economic indices such as litres of water consumed per capita or kilowatts expended per capita as indicators of economic progress. Our current emphasis on income per capital seems to be more of a measurement of profligacy rather of growth.

Thaya Kulenthran said...

Dear Dr. Bala
May I start with saying this: -

1.To a gentleman whom I have had the good fortune to know through our common interest and love for the EARTH;
2.To a gentleman with a conscience;
3.To a gentleman with a heart;

If I was asked what does Malaysia need today among Malaysia's numerous other needs is this - An Environmental Mediator!

Environmental issues as complex as they are and even more so in the curent challenging times, need a mediator - someone who has had a wide and long experience in the environmental field working with government, NGO's, businesses, academia, and the general community. Someone with a heart and a conscience, someone of calibre and who is regarded highly among his fraternity.

In Hindu folklore it was Lord Murugan who turned things around. And that is exactly what we need in Malaysia (and the world) today. It is time a Lord Murugan emerged in Malaysia in the form of a common man.

And whom would that be? The answer is obvious.

Many best wishes on your blog and on the journey that awaits you.


Jeffrey Khoo said...

Welcome to the virtual world - a world that you can express yourself and a world that expresses itself to you!

Best wishes,

Jeffrey Khoo
11 Trees @ USJ